Policy Update, June 2023

Sonoma County Housing Element Digest

Not much has changed in the Housing Element world since our update for last month. At this time, only 6 jurisdictions are in full compliance with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”). Two others, Healdsburg and Cloverdale, are expecting a response on their certification status within the next month.

The County of Sonoma and the Town of Windsor are continuing to work through their challenges. The County Planning Commission will review an update on their Housing Element at the July 13th meeting and the Board of Supervisors on July 20th. Windsor hopes to bring forward a revised version of their Housing Element soon as well. Keep an eye on our Action Alerts for updates on both early next month.

Check out our Housing Element tracker, posted on our website here!

State Legislative Download

All legislation that is moving forward this year is now in the “second house”. If it’s an Assembly bill, it’s now in the Senate and vice versa. At this point, most bills have been assigned to their first committee(s) and have likely already had their first public hearing as well. Keep your eyes on our Housing Bill Tracker in order to follow our endorsed legislation!

Summer Recess is just around the corner! From July 17 – August 11 the Legislature will close for recess and open more opportunities to directly engage our local state representatives on our regional priorities (a.k.a it’s Lobby time!). So get your comments together, prepare your materials, and get time on the calendar with your state elected. If you want assistance with engaging in this process, feel free to contact Calum Weeks at calum@generationhousing.org or follow our weekly Action Alerts for more information.