Policy Advocacy and Endorsement


Generation Housing convenes, organizes, and builds bridges between various stakeholder groups to align their efforts in support of housing development. Generation Housing is a fierce advocate for policies, programs, land use, and funding that will lead to an increased supply of housing. Generation Housing continues to grow an educated and responsive action network to support pro-housing policies and Gen H-endorsed housing development projects.

More than 25,000 units are currently needed in Sonoma County, which would be 6,500+ per year, but the County is currently only permitting an average of 880 units per year.

A certain number of housing units, at various levels of affordability, are needed to meet Sonoma County’s current and future housing needs – and the gap between current inventory and what is actually needed grew even larger due to the wildfires. It will ‘take a village’ to reach this goal, with all parts of the system needing strong capacity in order to develop an adequate supply.

“Generation Housing promotes housing policies that are consistent with our guiding principles in helping increase the supply, diversity, and affordability of housing in Sonoma County.”

Generation Housing advocates for an increase in the supply, diversity, and affordability of housing in Sonoma County. Our advocacy focuses on identifying common ground for alignment that can deliver results for our community.

For more info, contact Policy Director Calum Weeks, at calum@generationhousing.org.

Endorsed Policies




AB 529
Governor's Desk

Adaptive Reuse

This bill adds “adaptive reuse” projects to types of housing that qualifies communities for state’s “prohousing” designation. It would require the Build Standards Commission (BSC”), in consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”), to update, clarify, and publish building standards for adaptive reuse projects.

AB 821
Governor's Desk

Streamline Infill Housing Applications

This bill streamlines infill housing applications submitted before January 1, 2030, that require a general plan amendment or other legislative approval, prohibiting local governments from disapproving or imposing conditions unless it first makes written findings supported by a “preponderance of the evidence” in the record.

AB 50
Governor's Desk

Timely Service for Customer Energization

AB 50 aims to improve energization timelines for new and existing electric customers. It clarifies the legal obligation of large electric companies to serve customers in a timely fashion. This would be within a deadline of 90 days for new connections and 30 days to upgrade existing connections or as set by the Public Utilities Commission. It also requires large electric corporations to evaluate and update their distribution processes, to meet regularly with county government staff to discuss the status of electrical capacity, and to report on capacity constraints to the state government.

AB 572
Governor's Desk

Prohibit increase of regular assessment

This bill prohibits the increase of a regular assessment (e.g. HOA fees) on the owner of a deed-restricted affordable housing unit that is more than 5% greater than the preceding regular assessment for the association’s preceding fiscal year. This will create added financial protections for Below Market Rate (“BMR”) owners that are not located in 100% BMR unit developments.