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Call Governor Newsom to Sign the Housing Bills on His Deks

Support Alexander Valley Apartments in Cloverdale

Support SB-9 Housing in Sonoma

Support New Affordable Homes at Stony Point Flats

Support Bold Solutions to High Housing Costs

Support Affordable Housing at Casa Roseland (Santa Rosa):

Support AB 1401 – End Parking Mandates: will eliminate local minimum parking requirements and help reduce the over-building of parking and reduce the cost of housing to renters and homeowners.

Support ACA-1 (Local Affordable Housing Financing): will lower the vote approval threshold to 55% for affordable housing  measures, which offers a more realistic path for communities to create financing tools that increase the supply of affordable housing. 

Support SB 10 – Missing Middle Housing Near Jobs and Transit: makes it easier for cities to voluntarily zone for smaller, lower-cost housing developments of up to 10 units near jobs and transit to address California’s housing crisis.

Support AB 602 – Development Fee Reform: would establish important reforms on housing fees in California, including greater transparency on fees and ensuring that smaller homes pay smaller fees.

SB 9 – HOME Act: would legalize duplexes, a middle-income housing type, by allowing homeowners in most areas around the state to divide their property into two lots and allowing two homes to be built on each of those two lots.

SCA 2 proposes to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution with the goal of making it legal to build low-income and public housing in California’s cities.