Housing Elements

Generation Housing’s mission to increase the supply, diversity, and affordability of housing in Sonoma County has a once-in-8-years opportunity to reform our current housing policies through the Housing Element process. Please join us in advocating for abundant, affordable, fair housing in Sonoma County!

Generation Housing is a member of the Campaign for Fair Housing Elements, a statewide coalition of housing organizations working to ensure our local Housing Elements are equitable, inclusive, diverse, and offer opportunity for all residents.

The Housing Element: The most important local housing policy you may have never heard of, and your participation is key!

What is a Housing Element?

California cities lay down a policy roadmap to provide housing for current and future residents in a document called a Housing Element. Cities create Housing Elements as part of their overall General Plan for the future.

Local cities will begin work on developing their Housing Elements this year and are required by the State of California to adopt a final Housing Element by January 2023. Cities will be conducting significant public outreach and community engagement this year, in 2021, which represents our best opportunity to shape our cities’ plans to build more homes and improve affordability.

Why should I get involved?

Fair and abundant housing that is affordable for all of our friends, families, and neighbors, both present and future, is critical to making meaningful progress toward being a healthier, more equitable, and prosperous county. Through better housing policies, we can improve health and education outcomes, fuel our local economy, protect our local landscapes, and move closer to achieving a sustainable, low-carbon future.

The local Housing Element is a powerful tool to strengthen our community!

Where and how do I get involved?

Just sign up below! If you want to get involved with your local city, Generation Housing, along with its wide network of partners, will be coming together to support each other to engage in the Housing Element process. The Hub will be a resource for you to meet other pro-housing neighbors in your city, learn about upcoming city meetings, gain access to educational resources about housing, and learn about the work others are doing in neighboring cities from across Sonoma County.

Watch our brief explainer video on housing elements to learn more!