Prohousing Update, July 2023

Generation Housing commends the three most recent awardees of the state’s Prohousing Designation from here in Sonoma County – including Santa Rosa, Windsor, and the County itself. Earning the Designation required revision of policies that Generation Housing has long endorsed, including Missing Middle housing, affordable housing impact fee reduction, and streamlined review processes. With the funding prioritized for these winning jurisdictions, Generation Housing anticipates that local housing support will accelerate, directly influencing input costs and land use allowances. We pledge to assist our jurisdictions in tracking their progress and educating residents on the newly available resources.

To date, only 27 jurisdictions within the state of California have received the designation, meaning that the three awardees from the County are in a select group. The award entitles designees to priority funding for housing and infrastructure projects, including money related to transit-oriented development. These funds can offset local contributions to housing projects which have increased in recent years. With competitive state funds prioritized through the Prohousing Designation, Sonoma County’s contributions to affordable projects could more than double.