Burbank Housing

For 40 years, Burbank has built, preserved, and managed safe, affordable rental and for-sale homes in the North Bay exclusively for people who have low incomes. Helping the 10,000 people who live in its rental communities stabilize and improve their health and well-being is Burbank’s priority, so its Resident Services Department offers programs, activities, and individual support for residents who need some extra help to get – and stay – on their feet.
Since the 2017 Northern California fires, Burbank’s rental wait list has ballooned to include 15,000 kids, adults, and seniors. The people at Burbank are committed to helping everyone they can find their affordable home as welcomed, supported members of the Burbank Housing community.

The current COVID-19 health crisis has made Burbank’s work even more important and more challenging. The organization recognizes the profound effect the current shelter-in-place order has had on all of our lives and acknowledges that, as we have seen in the wake of other crises, the inequity in our community has increased and become more starkly apparent. In response, Burbank has implemented a deferred rental payment agreement option for residents who are experiencing a decrease in household income due to the pandemic. The organization’s Resident Services Department has been working diligently to support Burbank residents during this uncertain time by connecting residents with necessary services and resources and working closely with community partners to ensure that the most vulnerable can meet their basic needs, including food, educational support for children, and mental health resources.

One Burbank Housing resident said, “It’s a very hard and stressful time. I am a recent breast cancer survivor currently on medical leave. I have an elderly mother. The stress level is out the roof. Having to be mom, teacher, caregiver and all the other titles can really get to a person. I am grateful for the way our community has come together. And, the consistent text messages updates from the Resident Services providing helpful links is greatly appreciated.”
Burbank CEO Larry Florin explained why Burbank invested as Generation Housing’s first Founding member: “I’ve spent my career working to create more housing on behalf of the government, nonprofits, and the private sector. I know that we need a comprehensive and coordinated approach that engages all of these actors to ensure housing affordability – Gen H is who will make that happen. They will play a vital role by bringing together stakeholders, developing aligned solutions, and increasing affordable housing friendly-policies and funding.”

Generation Housing appreciates Burbank’s work on behalf of the community and looks forward to partnering to create more affordable housing in Sonoma County.