Golis: Housing merry-go-round keeps going around and around | Press Democrat

We even have a housing advocacy group called Generation Housing. Responding to Portrait of Sonoma County, a new report spotlighting disparities in income, health outcomes and housing, Generation Housing Executive Director Jen Klose told Staff Writer Nashelly Chavez, “We have a great imbalance of folks who are working hard jobs for low wages, but we don’t have enough homes at an affordable level.”

In Generation Housing’s annual report, Klose adds, “The future economic vitality and resilience of our county is jeopardized if young workers, students, and families cannot stay or cannot live in a healthy way because of housing cost burden.”

We blame government — and government deserves some blame — but the rest of us have some responsibility, too. When housing projects are under consideration, not many people are lining up to say: Hey, we need this.

But many will show up to say: I’m all for housing, but not in my neighborhood, thank you very much.

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