After working in the air force for nine years, Nathan moved to Sonoma County to start his post-military life. Because of the steep housing prices, he opted for renting a semi-converted garage in Sonoma that was less than ideal — the garage had no heat, no running water, and no plumbing. When the electricity would go out and he couldn’t use his hotplate, Nathan resorted to making PB&Js. Winters were freezing, summers were way too hot, and critters often found their way into his home. 

Nathan stayed at this location for 2 years while he commuted to Fairfield where he entered data for a company. Little did he know, the person Nathan was paying rent to was actually renting from the real owner, subletting behind their back. When the owner found out, Nathan was given 60 days notice in the middle of the pandemic and feared he would be homeless. Thankfully, Nathan found an apartment to rent in Kenwood, and just landed a new job at Landmark Winery as a Coordinator.

Nathan hopes that Sonoma County can prioritize better housing options, as well as a sense of community or togetherness, stating that he wants “people living in Sonoma County to feel like they can develop a sense of community — everywhere else I’ve lived, neighbors helped each other. We need to look out for everybody. People need a place to stay, they need a roof over their head. Housing is a human right that shouldn’t be violated just because you live in Wine Country.” Nathan loves hiking, biking, and scenery photography, which can all be done in our beautiful Sonoma County!