Peter Rumble | Board Member

Peter Rumble serves as CEO of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber, where he provides leadership and coordination on critical issues including housing, workforce development, advocacy, tourism promotion, and downtown revitalization. Since joining the Chamber, Peter’s team has expanded the organization’s  programs, including a housing fund to invest in affordable housing, and created several new programs to support the growth of small business in Sonoma County.

Peter and the Chamber have been working tirelessly with the local medical community and political leadership to protect our local businesses and economy since the start of the pandemic. Explaining his determination, and the part housing plays in that work, Peter said:  “there is nothing more important to our economy and small business community than stopping COVID. Without adequate, safe housing for our teachers, nurses, farmers, hospitality workers, everyone in our community we will continually be one step behind – not just during the pandemic, but as we move into economic recovery. Housing is now more than ever an essential factor for our community’s survival.”

Prior to joining the Chamber, Mr. Rumble served the County of Sonoma as a Deputy County Administrator and the Director of Health Policy, where he oversaw strategic and intergovernmental affairs, legislative advocacy, and created critical programs such as the Sonoma County Energy Independence program, Health Action’s Cradle to Career program, and the Portrait of Sonoma. During the Sonoma Complex Fires, Peter shared command of the County’s emergency response, leading to overseeing the County’s long-term recovery and resilience efforts.

Asked about serving on the Gen H board, Peter offered, “I’m proud to be a part of Gen H because it brings people together around a common issue for our common good – something that in our day and age is tragically rare. It represents the promise and hope of what we can be. When I look back, I want to be a part of the solution.”

Peter spends his free time training jiujitsu and playing with his kids.