Member Spotlight – Cory Maguire

Cory Maguire joined Terra Firma Global Partners in 2012 as a Senior Sales Associate and has since advanced her position to Associate Partner. Her practice in Sonoma County, since 1994, includes a diverse portfolio of Country properties, Land and Residential Homes. Cory’s knowledge and abilities are wide ranged. She dedicates an insightful, focused and advanced skill set to each project with commitment and time-honored values. 

Cory’s business acumen was learned, and rewarded as a co-owner working all aspects of a start-up Micro Brewery and several retail stores in the Lake Tahoe area. This experience provided an excellent hands on education. “The entrepreneurial lifestyle demands full attention to every detail, it does not tolerate a resting on your laurels past time. Rather, maintaining a keen awareness of the many moving parts – local and regional market conditions, economic/financing variables, demographic nuances, industry insights and know-how are foundational for good decision making and thus optimum outcomes.” 

Prior to her years in Tahoe, Cory was employed in the Cruise industry working aboard luxury liners traveling the world. Being exposed to the many cultures and engaging with its many peoples brought an even deeper appreciation for connection to place. Wherever you are, there truly is no place like home. For Cory, her home, her connection is Sonoma County! 

When asked why she’s passionate about housing in Sonoma County, Cory pointed out how this is a County of diversity, and that this indeed makes our community richer, “I marvel at the big and bright smiles and genuine laughter that comes from those who tend and nurture our crops, belying the hard work that fills their day, how fortunate we are to have a plethora of international cuisine and music. And how great it is to converse with those who have a different story to tell, who can broaden one’s life perspective and thus call up a compassionate heart”. 

Cory is excited about Gen H’s leadership, brain trust, and commitment and real advocacy that brings the housing conversation to the fore, while at the same time being so resourceful about solutions. In her free time, Cory enjoys gardening, picking and arranging flowers, fly fishing, and in general just loves the outdoors.